Meditation: An introduction to Self-Awareness and Mindfulness in Daily Life

Meditation and mindfulness are basically synonyms. Both terms refer to the state of consciousness we can reach when our mind is in the Here and Now and also to the process of achieving that state. Practicing meditation and enjoying its benefits don’t imply or require any religious beliefs. You don’t need to rely on one or more gods who oversee our existence nor turn to particular entities. Many people come to meditation when they are already overwhelmed by their life – perhaps this is not the best way to begin, but any time is a good time to learn about a journey that can light up your life for life.

Marco Cattaneo GOTAM, Hypnotist, Mindfulness and Meditation Master. He has spent over fifteen years practicing personal and spiritual development, getting to know many techniques and disciplines for the well-being of body, mind and soul.

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Questo libro, a differenza di moltissimi altri del genere self-help, è stato realmente scritto dal suo autore e revisionato dal suo team editoriale. Stai per acquistare un’opera creativa, letteraria e formativa autentica.

Il libro è pensato per farti vivere un percorso di conoscenza fatto di teoria e pratica.

Edito da GOTAM CAMDA MEDIA – Collana Mindesign

Prima edizione: maggio 2020.