Intuition: Knowledge and Techniques to Develop Extrasensory Perception

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Intuition is the ability through which we can draw on information that lies in a different dimension of time and space than the current one, it is the ability that allows us to perceive beyond the five senses and the chance to access to the past or the future in a non-linear way.

Intuition is the complementary element to rationality, the perfect complement to logical thinking.

Marco Cattaneo, Hypnotist, Reiki and Meditation Master, Yoga Practitioner. He has spent over a decade practicing personal development.

“I can’t say I was born clairvoyant. Until the age of twenty-four, I was always very rational and scientific in my approach to life, and perhaps for this very reason, I had to learn through hard work to take my higher perceptions into account, developing this talent day by day”. Marco Cattaneo